Through our affiliation with The Lytle Group, we bring you tools and services to enhance talent management across your organization. We help you build human systems and processes that engage help you attract, engage and develop talent.  To find out more about our HR services:

Through our affiliation with Good Leadership Enterprises, we bring you fresh ideas, tools and approaches to live with less stress and lead with less fear.  We help you build team momentum and improve team performance.  To find out more about our coaching, training and speaking services:

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Through our affiliation with KnowledgeForce Consulting, we bring you tools and services to design, develop and deliver outstanding training programs that meet the needs of learners.  We utilize cutting edge research, adult learning theories and best practices to help you build engaging and enriching learning experiences.  To find out more about our curriculum design services:

Successful meetings succeed or fail based on how they are facilitated.  As a leader you need to be able to engage in robust dialogue with your team, rather than bouncing back and forth between facilitating and participating.  We create interactive sessions that bring out the best of every team member, keep the session focused and produce actionable results.  Contact us to discuss your unique facilitation needs:  

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Our professional staff welcomes the opportunity to learn about your unique situation and work with you to create a dynamic approach that best meets your needs.  Contact us to discuss your unique situation: